A fun way to share bitcoin & litecoin

Design custom cryptocurrency gift cards and share them instantly with friends, family and your haters.

BTC Card

How to create a cryptocurrency gift card?


Since CryptoGift captures no data, you must create an online cryptocurrency wallet yourself that can hold your gift (we recommend electrum for BTC or LTC)


Send desired gift amount to the new wallet address created


Visit cryptogift.me/create and choose either BTC or LTC


Write a message and upload your own photo for a custom gift card or use one of our presets


Generate new wallet's private key and paste it into the field "Private Key"


Export and share

* Remember to save the email in case your giftee never redeems the BTC/LTC


Keep the Network clean

In order to ensure we don’t add to the lost coins on the blockchain, we recommend setting a reminder a month from the date you created the gift card to check if all BTC/LTC have been redeemed. If they never opened the gift, you can simply scan the private key QR code you created for them and redeem your own coins.

Things you should know

  1. This is 100% free
  2. We collect 0 data
  3. We never have access to anyones private keys
  4. Cryptogift only supports Bitcoin & Litecoin. No other cryptocurrency will be available
  5. This can be saved and sent via tweet, email, text or printed and given as a gift card
  6. We recommend transfering bitcoins/litecoins to a secure desktop or hardware wallet after redemption
  7. No need to download bread/loaf wallet if you already have your own cryptocurrency wallet with an import feature
  8. You can upload your own image or choose between one of our current presets
  9. For best results, upload a PNG with 1250 x 400 px. resolution

Put HODLing on hold this holiday season