How to redeem your CryptoGift


If gifted Bitcoin, download Bread wallet on your mobile phone to redeem your gift. If gifted Litecoin, download Loaf wallet on your mobile phone to redeem your gift.


Once the app is created, follow the onboarding steps to create your bitcoin/litecoin address.


Click Menu -> Settings -> Import Wallet.


Scan the QR code on your gift card with the app.


Voila, you should have redeemed your gift card. You can now use your wallet to send and receive bitcoin/litecoin.


We recommend either downloading a more secure desktop wallet like Electrum or purchasing a hardware wallet like Trezor to store your bitcoins/litecoins.

* Skip steps 1-2 if you have a mobile bitcoin/litecoin wallet capable of importing cryptocurrency with a QR code (most mobile wallets do)

Things you should know

  1. This is 100% free
  2. We collect 0 data
  3. We never have access to anyones private keys
  4. Cryptogift only supports Bitcoin & Litecoin. No other cryptocurrency will be available
  5. This can be sent either via email or printed and given as a gift card
  6. We recommend transfering bitcoins/litecoins to a secure desktop or hardware wallet after redemption
  7. No need to download bread/loaf wallet if you already have your own cryptocurrency wallet with an import feature
  8. You can upload your own image or choose between one of our current presets
  9. For best results, upload a PNG with 1250 x 400 px. resolution

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